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title: solanum tuberosum
dim: cm 120x80
technique: oil, enamel, bitumen, resin on canvas

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X-ray specs, Carrie Witherell

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Jardley Jean-Louis.

Illustrations by Queens, New York based artist Jardley Jean-Louis:

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Illustrations : By Gabriel Iumazark / Blog

I love film trailers so very much. I enjoy watching them, and often search for new ones, both official and fan-made. What really bothers me though, is the common inability to cut a good one. I’ve seen so many trailers where the whole theme and the point of focus are somethig totally different than what they were in the film. I guess the point is just to sell the film, but if the trailer is misleading, I don’t see the sense of purpose.

Despite not seeing this film and not knowing anything about the misleadingness issues, I wanted to share a trailer. Because this one is a story itself, a piece of editing art, and enough as it is. (But I must admit realizing that if the trailer is so good that you don’t really need the film at all, maybe it doesn’t work very well after all.)

Here, one of the official trailers for the film La Grande Bellezza, 2014. Enjoy the great beauty.

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Pengleigh Boyd

Ghost Gum at Kangaroo Flat, 1921

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Daniel Barkley

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Simon Riley (UK) - a, 2010    Drawings: Pen + Ink

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#ArtistoftheDay Michał Janowski
See more works

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Liu Wei

Love It! Bite It!

This parody of grotesque consumption re-emerges with Liu’s Love It! Bite It! – a model plan of a city made entirely from dog chews. Comically editing down the world to only the ’tastiest’ bits, Liu’s utopian vision re-engineers the breadth of Western history - from the Coliseum to the Guggenheim - as a carnivorous spectacle. Constructed with painstaking detail, ornate columns, cornices, and magnificent domes tower with warped approximation giving the scene a post-apocalyptic aura, rendering cultural heritage and power as an abject skeletal (or rawhide as the case may be) remain.

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Daiki Sugimoto, being one of my favorite illustrators.